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Ed Fortune
26 October 1975
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born,England,sleepy town,spanish mum,geordie dad,read books,school weirdo,found faith, lost faith,wrote stories,geek,college weirdo, found new faith, changed world,wrote stories, won awards, paid by newspapers,played games,got paid for that, became an IT monkey, moved to Manchester, fell in love, happy. Not dead yet.

With apologies to the Mayfly project

What some very kind people have said about me:

Ed Fortune came second in "Most Lovely Person" competition because of his insistance that his closest rival won in order to make them happy. He is the inventor of jam and once revealed to me his secret plan to take over the world purely through the means of puppetry. - athena25

"ed_fortune Guaranteed not to stain your teeth!" - oxfordgirl

"It's amazing how first impressions can be wrong, when I met Ed I thought he was only slightly mad" - rich_bull

"The first seven times I met Ed Fortune, he made me so angry I nearly ordered him killed. The only thing which kept him alive was that he was dreadfully easy to point at other people." - jfs

"Ed Fortune: the man the mushrooms call 'sir'." - ephrael

ed_fortune is the only man I know who has a red-cap lammied to do SINGLE STUN.
But equally, he's really nice gate staff for Maelstrom"> talismancer

"Ed Fortune has what I deem the coolest name of anyone I know, he sounds like a pulp PI and in my world there is little more a man can aspire to than that.

This is entirely true." mr_h_r_hughes

"I had just disembarked from the Zepplin piloted by my father, when I first met Eduard 'Ed' Fortune. He was touring with Gogol Bordello in Buenos Aires, in The Argentine. It was the Spring of 1934. Ed introduced me to the headily seductive rhythms of the dance form known as 'Argentine Tango'. Then he broke down the steps, showed me how to teach them and signed me up to run an Arthur Murray franchise from the Harrod's ballroom.

Having been wined, dined and made a successful business woman, Ed vanished into the night just as quickly as he had appeared" - anne_l_davies

"Once there was a scullery maid full of dreams. She met the stranded time traveler ed_fortune while sweeping floors in a dirty old inn. He was stranded in between realities for a brief while while charging his time machine. He’s strange ideas, beautiful words and boundless kindness changed her reality forever. He also taught her how to make pancakes. :)" - gifappeltjie

"Ed Fotune was first discovered in the cargo hold of a tea-trading ship off the coast of Hong Kong in 1839. After becoming the sole cause of the First Opium War (1839-1842), he was abandoned on an island in the South Pacific as part of the peace settlement.

He resurfaced in Europe, some time in the mid-1970s, and has often been cited as the instigator of both the fashion for kipper ties and the resurgence of the fondue party.

Currently wanted by Scotland Yard and MI5, for questioning over incidents related to the disappearance of a polar bear, five clowns and the Queen Mother at an amusement park in the early part of this decade, he resides in a flat in Stockport, with me." - mrssshhh

"Some talk of the elusive Yeti, others the shy and retiring behemoth said to lurk in the depths of Loch Ness. For centuries, mankind has talked of Mermaids and Unicorns and lost plateaus where the dinosaurs never died.

However, when experts of Fortean wonders gather together to discuss the mysterious wonders of nature and the universe, there is one mystery that astounds them all. What is the nature of the enigma that is Ed Fortune? Can the few sightings of this phenomena, mostly seen by drunken students at 4am, be trusted as genuine? Is the plastercast of a footprint held in the British museum and said to have come from a brothel in Pompeii truly that of this rarely seen creature? What about the grainy CCTV footage of him supposedly doing a rain dance on the beaches of South Shields mere minutes before a massive rain storm flooded the Midlands and turned Tewkesbury into an Island? What about the rumours that he does not show up in mirrors and only appears on camera film as a blurry white streak of ectoplasm? The Fortean Society will pay handsomly for any evidence that proves the existence of this most unusual natural phenomenon." - areteus

"I feel this is a perfect opportunirty to plug my new book Fortune favours the brave. Let's read from the back cover shall we?

"Life has never been easy for the worlds favourite and most famous gumshoe detective.

But when a mysterious package from an old friend turns up on the desk of Detctive Edward Underscore Fortune it catapults our hero into the unfamilar and mysterious world of nightmares.

What will Detective Fortune do in a world where his famed guile and street smarts mean nothing?

And what of the missing Russian Princess. Only time will tell." - doctor_kaos

"Hi, I'm a semi-professional exorcist and hunt, track and destroy demons on a regular basis. I remember this one time, in Panama, when a 6-wingéd Lesser Daemon was about to rip my soul out because I'd been flashy and tried going toe-to-toe with the damn thing. Who should step out of the bushes and kill the supernatural diabolic horror, but ed_fortune! BAM! One shot, one dead sulphur-breathing demon.

I exaggerate of course.

He fired twice." - rssefuirosu