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Starburst Round Up 12/01/15

As you may have gathered, I do a lot of writing for Starburst Magazine. Here are some reviews I contributed to the magazine this year, that you may have missed.

Ninjas Vs Monsters

Robot Overlords Robots Never Lie features giants robots. Nuff Said.

Haterz by James Goss - I totally loved this one, but goodness me is it going to put the cat amongst the pigeons.

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard - Very derivative, wasn't a fan.

Comic Books
566 Frames - indie comic genise

Godzilla Cataclysm - The epic Godzilla story you never knew you were waiting all your life for.

Star Slammers - a fascinating relic of comics history

Six Million Dollar Man Season Six - Sheer nostalgia joy

Samurai Jack Quest for The Broken Blade - Jack, back from the past...

And that's it for now. More soon.
In which I claim Jensen Ackles, Sean Bean, Sean Pertwee or James Purefoy could be in Doctor Who.
TOP 10 Actors We Think Could Play DOCTOR WHO's Abslom Daak

*blows off the dust*

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Is there any body still out there?